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Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi film full movie review

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi movie review :

Film name :- Buchinaidu kandriga thurpu veedhi
Film starring :- Munna, Drishika Chander, Ravi Varma, Prabhavathi, Pavithra, Subbarao etc
Music director :- Mihiraamsh
Editing :- K Venkatesh
Director :- Krishna Poluru
Run time :- 2hours 2minutes
Producer :- Pamidimukkala Chandra Kumari
Film release date :- 21st August 2020.

Story :

The film is all set in the small village of buchinaidu kandriga Chittoor dist. Balu and swapna are neighbours since childhood. They are fall in love each other. Swapna father veeraswaamy is an ardent follower of caste and opposes their wedding. Swapna and balu tries to elope and what happened next? Must watch film.

Performance :

Ravivarma played as heroines father in the film and he is one of the highlights of the film. Hero munna shows good variations in different age groups and dhrushika also neat in her role. Subba Rao is also good in his role as the father of the hero munna.
The film music scored by Maahiramsh. Maahiramsh scored amazing music and impressive background score.the film cinematography excellent and The film has a run time of 2 hrs 5 min.

Plus point :


Background music

Ravivarma Acting

Childhood episodes

Pre climax

Minus points :

Routine love story and direction

Second half

Lack of emotional connect



Buchinaidu Kandriga movie Verdict:
Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi film is a routine love story.one time watchable film.

Telugunetflix.com Rating : 2.5/5


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